ASMusic | 2023-2024 i2 Project Blog

I joined the i2 program this year (2024) and met a community of creative thinkers, that soon became my i2 peers. Outside of having some common classes with them, we are part of a program that allows us to build, develop, and create our ideas that get showcased at the end of the year.  Each project is a reflection of our research and creativity, which ends in a product launch. For my first-year project, I decided to combine my love of music and sports and created ASMusic.  ASMusic is an online platform that uses music to promote mental health and well-being, for those going through a physical recovery.  I designed ASMusic to promote healing of the body, mind, and heart.  Currently in website beta form, I hope to transform ASMusic into an app and expand its online presence.  I envision my website and app to have a section where users can select their moods and be led to a suggested song playlist.  I also added additional information on common physical injuries.  The goal for ASMusic is to gain a trending, online presence that can inspire others to stay positive and motivated during their recovery journeys.  ASMusic is something I could have used when I recovered from my knee surgery a few years ago.