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Students Organize

We are creating a website that helps students better organize their assignments and help with their time management. Our website will be a calendar where you input assignments, due dates, and how long it takes to complete.

Our website then helps plan out your day for you by applying different methods we researched and giving you breaks. This will especially help students who are transitioning from middle school to high school. Over 70% of students feel stressed because of their workload while under 1% don’t. Many of my friends and I struggle with this issue and feel stressed because of it. We will research effective time management methods and apply them to our website. Our website will also help with procrastination because a lot of the time people only look at what has to be done the next day so they don’t notice any big projects coming up until the day before. Our website will assign some time to work on larger projects coming due each day so that you won’t have to complete the entire thing the night before.

Project Infographics