Ella Mei Celecia


Hi my name is Ella Mei and I am so excited to be a new member of the i2 program! Ever since I was young, I had shown a liking to science, math and design so it is a dream come true to be able to express my interests here with my fellow classmates.

I live with my younger sister, parents and dog in San Francisco, but I only moved here from Brooklyn, New York when I was 8 years old. The difference in architecture between these two popular cities is something that sparked my interest in architecture and design, and gave me an opportunity to witness different styles. Other than my love for design, I enjoy playing soccer, playing the piano and the taiko drums, and spending time outdoors with my friends and family!

Before moving to SHCP, I went to the Daniel Webster elementary school and then The San Francisco School from 6th-8th grade. Im so glad to be part of the Irish community and participate in the school activities and clubs like soccer and the Fashion club.

As for my i2 project, I am calling it “Renew Revive Represent.” My overall concept is to create a model of an arts and culture center located in the Portola Neighborhood that will “replace” the forgotten Avenue Theater space on San Bruno Ave. The design I am creating will be represented with a 3d model made out of foam board. The design will be based on the culture and heritage of the neighborhood community which can be a solution to the problem of under-representation in the Portola Neighborhood. Other concepts for the design will be the Greenhouse backgrounds of the Portola and a big influence to the design are the ideas/feedback of locals so that the needs, preferences and cultural values of those who would use the center is acknowledged.


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