Ella Mei Celecia


Hi, my name is Ella Mei! I’m currently a 10th grader at SHC and am 15 years old. I live in San Francisco but grew up in Brooklyn, New York for more than half my life. Having lived in two urban cities has exposed me to a wide variety of communities and art styles. This exposure definitely played a role in my interest in architecture and design, which is why I love being part of the i2 program. It is a space where I can express my creativity and expand my passions.

Some of my other passions or afterschool activities include soccer, drawing (all forms of visual art), and overall spending time with family and friends!

This year I am participating in Girls JV Soccer and planning on joining track. Additionally, I have signed up for the following clubs; Earth and Action, LVY, Yearbook, and ASU.

My i2 project is called Magic Mycelium.

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Magic Mycelium

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