Elliott Scott


My name is Elliott, I’m 17 years old and I have played soccer for pretty much my whole life. I recently took up lacrosse at SHC, which has been a blast. Aside from sports and school, I love to do crafts in my free time. When I was young, my grandma taught me how to crochet and knit, my favorite form of crafting! I am very math-and-science-oriented and I aspire to have a career in the chemistry or engineering fields. The i2 program has helped me find my love for logical thinking and problem solving which will help me in my dream careers.

i2 projects


Instalogy is a website designed for SHCP  students. Especially targeting freshmen as they are new to the school. It allows them to communicate with other students with common interests and goals.

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Clothes for Claras

“Clothes for Claras” is a non-profit project aiming to help underprivileged ballerinas and small ballet schools around the world. We intend to do this by collecting donations of ballet equipment and clothing from larger ballet companies, and donating these resources to smaller dance schools.

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UV Retainer Case: Bacterial Growth

I am testing if a UV retainer case does in fact inhibit bacteria growth on retainers using bacteria cultures.

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