The i2 Journey Begins

The first time I heard about the i2 program was when I was researching about SHC. When I first heard about the program, I was instantly interested in the different projects that were made by the members. Looking at the website, I saw that there would be different trips, experiences, and different things to learn about the world. Looking over the curriculum and STEM projects that others did, I was greatly interested and decided I would love to join this program. After I was accepted into SHC, I was overjoyed that I was invited to the i2 program. For the next four years in this program, I look forward to continuing to pursue my passions, and do as well as the people who have also been in the i2 program.

At the meantime, it has been a great experience meeting the i2 students in the Class of 2025.  I’m looking forward to working with others and also working on some ideas that I have. Throughout these four years here in the program, I hope I can make and learn things that can help others and impact others beneficially. As well, I would love to meet more people and befriend the students in the i2 program. During my years at SHC, I aim to work towards medical education, and learn different skills that will stay with me for a long time, to aid me in life but also in helping others and pursuing a career in the STEM or medical field.