Federico Tevarotto


Thank you for visiting my i2 Today page – I am Federico Tevarotto, a junior at SHC. Academically I am interested in Sciences such as chemistry and biology; however, I am most passionate about advanced mathematics, like calculus and statistics. All my life, math has been a subject that I easily comprehend and apply throughout my life. My favorite part of math is the straightforwardness, where every problem has a set solution with no open-ended answers. Out of the extra-curricular activities I participate in, the most important to me are SHC Boys Soccer and the Irish for a Day Student Ambassador program. This year was my first year as an ambassador, and it was a great experience meeting 8th graders and showing how spectacular SHC is and convincing them to attend our school next year. As for soccer, I was the starting center back on varsity and attended off-season strength training during the summer. Outside of school, I have been playing competitive club soccer with the SF Glens ever since I was five years old. I am currently in the NorCal premier division and participating in State Cup, committing myself to 4.5 hours of team practice and 1-2 hours of personal training a week, on top of 1-2 games on the weekend, unless there is a tournament. AS for tournaments, I have participated in numerous local, state, national and international tournaments. My two most memorable tournaments were the Donosti Cup, located in San Sebastian, Spain, where we played teams from worldwide. Next was the Pheonix cup in Pheonix, Arizona, which we attended this year and won the tournament. This year, my i2 Project is called the Deflection Matrix, a portable and cost-efficient device that can easily be set up to train a keeper’s reactions to unexpected ball motions. When a ball is kicked into tho machine, it will cause the ball to make an unpredictable bounce forcing the keeper to react quickly and make a save.

i2 Projects

A Better Brace

In this project I build a more comfortable and affordable version of the typical arm brace required after breaking or fracturing a bone in the arm or thumb.

Project details

Deflection Matrix

The Deflection Matrix is  a lightweight portable set of devices that can be planted into grass fields and used for goalkeeping practices to train reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

Project details