Frankie Spagnoli


Welcome to my i2 webpage! My name is Francesco “Frankie” Spagnoli. I am a junior here at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

In terms of my academics, my favorite subjects through my high school career have been writing and mathematics. More specifically, I am passionate about designing and creating. Since a very young age, I have loved the idea of building and drawing. My favorite class I have taken so far at SHC is AP Computer Science. I enjoyed the ability to learn how to create and build things from scratch on a brand new platform. 

Independent of my SHC classes, I am involved in numerous community groups, clubs, and sports. I am a captain for the varsity lacrosse team and I am the vice-president of both the Spanish Club and the Cugini (Italian) Club. I am also a member of the Block Club and assist middle schoolers for their Irish for a Day experience. Outside of my classing, lacrosse takes up a large portion of my free-time. I play midfield and attack for the varsity squad and am enthusiastic for our in-season competition and games. 

Outside of school, I love being active and participating in countless outdoor activities such as lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and golf. I have been lucky enough to be able to teach many of my friends how to golf and further my leadership skills in coaching middle school lacrosse players for the  SF Riptide Lacrosse Club. In contrast, I am also quite fond of drawing, painting, and designing. When time allows, I will spend hours upon hours creating a new landscape painting or designing a building of some sort. My family is very Italian oriented and we, as a result, are an incredibly loud and fun group. My father and my grandparents were born in Italy and I speak Italian with them all the time. 

As you can likely tell, my life is jam packed full of events, activities, and schooling. My i2 project this year will help with this. My project involves creating a website that can assist individuals on how to properly organize their lives using simple calendar apps that already reside in our pockets.

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