Raihan Cooper
About The Project

Freshman Transition Support

My project addressed the different experiences freshmen students had during their 8th-grade year and at SHC in their freshman year based on the middle school they attended. COVID affected each and every student in San Francisco in different ways, but my project showed that students from public schools were at a disadvantage as a result of their middle school experience. For my project freshman year, I pointed out that freshmen at SHC were not equally prepared by the middle schools they attended. In 2019-2020, COVID provided public middle school students in SHC’s class of 2024 with even more obstacles as their schools did not have the resources to resume 8th grade as quickly as private schools did. Both my freshman and sophomore projects are part of a larger goal of mine. I am hoping to create opportunities for upperclassmen from public middle schools to help the freshmen with their transition.  Hopefully, these two projects can provide clarity on the challenges public middle school students face as freshmen at SHC. This project is important to me because I was once a freshman at SHC who struggled with the new classroom environment, the religion classes, and the increase in work. I hope to provide a helping hand to public middle school students who decide to attend SHC and give them advice and help from someone who was in their shoes.

Project Infographics