My 2021-2022 Project

Hello and welcome to my i2 page! My name is Gavin McHale and I’m currently in 9th grade at SHC. I love all of my classes, but two of my favorite classes that I’m taking right now are English and Pre-Calculus. I like English because we are exploring works from a diverse range of authors, giving me a new perspective and providing challenging but rewarding reads. In my math class, we are learning a lot of material really fast, but it is taught very well and easy to absorb, making it a more enjoyable than stressful class. Outside of my classes, the co-curricular clubs I’m involved in are the SHC Robotics Club, the Gaming Club, and Tech Crew. The robotics club is fun because it allows me to explore a more hands-on technical experience than the other two clubs do. The Gaming Club is a great place to meet new people and talk to people with similar interests to you. There are regular meetings and it is a very nice place to just relax and play some games. Tech Crew also meets semi-regularly to discuss upcoming shows and events or practice before them. This year I will be doing the Spring Chorus and the Dance Showcase. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and playing or listening to music. I took piano and guitar lessons for four years, I have been playing for eight. Over the past year, music has become a creative outlet for me, allowing me to express myself through something other than words. In addition to my musical palette, I have also expanded my literary recreations to other genres and media outlets in an effort to gain inspiration for my own stories.

Go Irish!