George Arriola


Hi, I’m George Arriola. I’m in 9th grade, and I do many extracurriculars. For sports, I do Cross Country. I haven’t run much more than a couple miles at a time, so it was quite an adjustment. Thankfully, I have adapted quickly, and I improved a lot, from not being able to run for 10 minutes, to being able to run for 65 minutes, and run 8 miles in the process! I also do a VPA: Concert Band. I play the piano, and I quite enjoy the experience. We get free tickets to all of the important games, like the Bruce Mahoney game yesterday.

Outside of school, I also do quite a bit. I have private voice and piano lessons. I have been doing piano since Kindergarten, which is why I felt comfortable with joining the band. I have only been doing voice lessons for about a year, but I think I have gotten really good. 

As for hobbies, I like to invest and check the stock market regularly. I have been investing for a couple of years, and I watch finance videos on YouTube, and read articles about the companies. I really like economics, and I hope to further that interest in high school and beyond.

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