Gianna Minella


Hi, I’m Gianna Minella and I am a sophomore at SHC.

My interests in and out of school are softball, reading, medicine, cello, and more. In my free time I love to hang out with my friends and family, and walk my dog, Rizzo.

I’ve lived in San Francisco my whole life but I like visiting Chicago, which is where most of my family lives.

My favorite subject can depend on how I’m feeling. I like math because you are always solving for something and have a specific goal in mind. On the other hand, I like English because you aren’t very restricted on what you have to create.

As I continue to learn in high school, I’m realizing how hard studying can be, with distractions and exhaustion encouraging you to take a break. This year I hope to create a tool that helps you take a break from studying while keeping you on track and without distracting you from your work.


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