Graham Hart


Hi, I’m Graham, and I’m a sophomore at SHC. I’m interested in STEM, and I’ve really enjoyed my Advanced Precalc class this year. I’ve learned a lot and I enjoy being able to solve problems. I also enjoy coding, and I’m currently really interested in game development (although my ’22 gamedev project has not been quite a success). I definitely have a lot to learn, but I’m excited about it. Outside of academics, I’ve gotten really into playing guitar in recent years. Especially over quarantine, I had a lot of time to practice and find new genres of music (let’s be honest, it’s mostly been metal) to play. I’ve also started running track, and I made the Frosh/Soph boys distance team. I really like how supportive and caring the team is, and I look forward to being a greater part of that community. I also love to sail, and I’m on the (unofficial) Sacred Heart Cathedral sailing team at Golden Gate Yacht Club.

This year, my i2 project was to make a game. Overall, I learned a lot. However, I don’t have enough time to finish it as track and other co- and extra-curriculars are taking up more of my time. I’m trying to get it to a presentable point, but overall this project has not been a success. I learned that I need to have a clearer goal in mind, and that I should try to plan farther ahead. Most of the problems I have run into were ones of poor planning, and next time I will try to do better.



"Powerless" - Project Update

As we near the i2 showcase, I’m realizing more and more how little time I have – and how much work I have left to put in. To put it concisely- I’ve failed. That is, I have not made a playable game that I or anyone else is likely to enjoy. On the other side […] Read more

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Newsfacts is a website that allows users to rank news websites based on political bias and reliability.

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Powerless is a platformer game written in c#.

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