Graham Hart


Hi, I’m Graham, and I’m a junior at SHC. I’m super interested in STEM and have really enjoyed my AP Calculus AB class this year. It’s fun learning how to solve complex problems and learning their applications in the real world. I’m also interested in coding, and I often find myself up late at night working on some hobby project. Aside from academics, I’ve joined the SHC cross country and track & field teams. In running, I’ve found an amazing, supportive, dedicated group of people who I’m proud to call my teammates. I’ve made a lot of friends on the team, and it’s a super positive community that I’ve enjoyed getting to know. Additionally, I play guitar in Concert Band, as well in a band with a few of my friends. I love music and it’s been fun finding opportunities to play music and share it with other people. Finally, I race on a high school sailing team at Golden Gate Yacht Club, as well as teach sailing during the summer.


"Powerless" - Project Update

As we near the i2 showcase, I’m realizing more and more how little time I have – and how much work I have left to put in. To put it concisely- I’ve failed. That is, I have not made a playable game that I or anyone else is likely to enjoy. On the other side […] Read more

i2 projects


Newsfacts is a website that allows users to rank news websites based on political bias and reliability.

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Powerless is a platformer game written in c#.

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