Graham Moore


Hi my name is Graham. I live in SF and I’m in SHC class of 2027. I have lived in San Francisco my whole life. I am currently on the schools lacrosse team as the starting face-off mid-fielder. I’ve played club lacrosse since elementary school. I love the sport because it is something I can use to improve my physical fitness, as well as maintain a growth mindset. So far my favorite thing about the school is the staff and students at SHC. The overall environment is very unique and engaging. Having never gone to a catholic school before, I really enjoy my religion class. I like playing guitar and listening to music. I play acoustic and electric and have been playing for almost a decade. Guitar is an activity that there is no limit to as there is always some piece that will inspire you to become better than you are right now.  I am excited to spend my next 3 years in i2 and at SHC. 

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