Growing Hope: 2020-2021 Presentation

Growing Hope: An Urban Planting Guide

Growing regeneratively provides an answer to completely reverse climate change should its implementation become worldwide. How might we be able to contribute to this developing agricultural movement in an urban environment? This project hopes to act as a concise and understandable guide on growing plant life in a city, no matter how small the plot of soil.

We were initially planning on creating a planting kit, but quickly realized that this wouldn’t be scalable. With our website, we can reach people who are interested in creating and maintaining any type of garden from a vertical wall garden to a rooftop garden. They can find other incredible resources from organizations and nonprofits, all in one place.

Growing Hope is meant to be as accessible, concise, and informative as possible. Our website makes it easy to grow plants, knowing that your garden in the city is doing its part to bring our planet back from the brink.

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