“The Teen Investors” Project Blog Posts

3/26/22 –

The project is coming together very nicely now, and I feel good about our progress in these final weeks before the showcase. I think that as we finish, we may need to make some minor changes to the website, but overall it is looking very good. So far, I have about 80% of the project done. I have finished most of the content and I only have one more section to fill out before I make the final copy and paste into the actual website. Aside from that, I am excited to finish the project, although I am sad that I won’t be attending the showcase. I think my team should do just fine without me, and I am excited for them.

12/1/21 –

We have our project idea finalized and we are ready to start the work on the final product. The project idea is to make a website teaching teenagers how to be financially responsible, and in particular, how to invest. I have an outline document that has the guidelines for the website. So far, the plan is to simply write a paragraph or two for each section on the outline Google Doc, so it should take a while considering there are almost 20 sections. I think that the website, by the time we are finished in April of next year, we will have a full website with everything that is needed to teach teenagers financial responsibility. I am very excited for the future of this project, and I look forward to the showcase.

10/17/21 –

It is the start of a new year, and a new i2 Project. It is good that I finished last years’ project in May so that I do not have to be working on it right now, and have two overlapping projects. I do not think that I want to continue a project from the last two years, but instead do something else and branch out into another field of work. I do know that I want to work with someone this year, and someone that I trust to do the work and finish on time, this will be important. Although I do not yet know what I want to do  as my project for this year (and the final proposal submissions are due at the end of next week), I would like to do something in the area of sports with my friend, Ryan. We are still trying to come up with ideas. Hopefully we will be able to make our proposal into a work of art in time.