About The Project

How Social Media Standards Affect Mental Health

In this era, almost everybody has seen or at least heard of social media. It is everywhere, and there are billions of people that use it and even consider it as a part of their daily life. However, we believe that social media has adverse effects that are hidden behind its alluring facade: effects that could change the lives of many. Not just their lives; it could and, in fact, does change so many perspectives on various topics that affect the people we are today. And that brings us to our 2021-2022 i2 project.

This year, we are creating a short video documentary based on social media and those aforementioned topics, more specifically what they do to adolescents like us. We believe that because of the toxicity of many aspects of social media, people all around the world can be negatively affected by it very easily. Throughout our time working on this project, we have been conducting research both online and around the school. Our plan includes going around campus, asking people a set of ten questions, recording their answers, and creating a short video based on these interviews as well as the online research.

We planned to interview 40 people, and it’s been taking quite a while to get everyone we need. That’s why we’re both very thankful to all the people that have been helping us get our interviews done. Our research is going to make up the main parts of our documentary, and the interviews will be used to show people’s insightful views and to back up what we say. We are hoping that we can finish them soon so we can work on our script and film our documentary.

Altogether, our main goal for this project is to bring awareness of this topic to our SHC community and maybe even people beyond it. It is also our hope that this video can highlight some of the stories and views of other people so that those who feel ashamed because of social media’s unrealistic standards can remind themselves that they are not alone and have a community that is willing to stand right behind them. We know that this won’t be the perfect video that’ll completely stand out, but hopefully, this can change the lives of the people around us for the better. Thanks for reading this, and we hope you enjoy our project.

Project Infographics