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Informed Shopping

The goal of this project is to create a website centralizing information on various clothing stores. Using the stoplight system (green, yellow, red) a corporation will fall under one of the three categories determining their environmental effects. Visitors to the site will be able to quickly recognize whether the company has had a positive effect on the environment, or if they have not. An important characteristic of the site is its effectiveness and simplicity. The color system is clear and allows customers to move through the site quickly. The desired outcome of this is that the site can become a quick stop in shopping rather than a hindrance to the customer.

One of the issues this project is attempting to address is the more tedious side of trying to be more environmentally conscience. In a busy world where time seems to be almost a luxury at times, sitting down and researching a company you wish to shop from is simply not an option. Having one site you can visit, and trust has reliable information, can make this process more straightforward. Having a clear and accessible website available may encourage more people to question where they choose to shop.

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