The i2 Journey Begins

I found out about the i2 program while working on my application to SHC, as well as in some conversations between my family members about it once in a while. I’m really looking forward to the trips during the summer, because I’ve heard about them before, and it seems really fun to go with a group of people that you know and are acquainted with. I have also really enjoyed getting to know all of them so far. 

My main concern at the moment is the i2 project that I am supposed to be doing this year, because I have absolutely no ideas whatsoever about what I am going to do for it, and it also seems pretty tough to do. Over these next four years, I hope to establish a good relationship with everyone in i2, as well as do pretty good in my projects. In SHC in general, I want to set a good academic foundation for myself and build off of that. Outside of school I want to get better at speech and debate and playing soccer. I would also like to work on personal fitness as well.