Journey of i2 Begins

When I was first made aware that I was invited to join the Inquiry and Innovation program, I admit, I was flustered. I was excited enough as it was to be accepted into Sacred Heart Cathedral, but to also get accepted into the i2 program was the next level. Despite this, my only knowledge of i2 was that I would express my passion for math and science, although I was not yet aware of how exactly, and I would be working with my online Makers Workshop teacher, Mr. Hunt. Now, I realize those ideas were barely skimming the surface of what I will be doing as a member of the program.

The year has only just started, yet I have enjoyed and am ready to enjoy the events that come with i2. At the California Academy of Sciences, I was entertained by the scavenger hunt and saw how much that place had changed since the last time I was there. I was particularly glad to see Claude in his swamp, living the best life an albino alligator can live. I’m also glad that I have many classes with various members of i2. That way, I can potentially become friends with some and, perhaps, all of my fellow i2 buddies. I am most looking forward to the year-long project and seeing what others have in mind. I’m aware that it may take quite a lot of hard work and funding, depending on which idea I decide on, but it’s exciting. Of course, I’m unable to reveal my masterful ideas at the moment, but I can’t wait to present them when the time is right.

Over the next four years of being at SHC, I plan to intake all innovative knowledge that is thrown my way and create something that may impress an audience. I shall embrace the world of science and math and every person that surrounds me along with it.