Ivan Qiu


Hey, I’m Ivan. 3 things I enjoy are cooking, tennis, and watching anything that comes up on my youtube feed.

This year at SHC, I’m a Junior, and I’m participating in Boy’s Varsity Tennis, TedX, the Science Olympiad, Mandarin Club, Badminton Club, and of course i2.

Four AP’s I’m currently taking are APUSH, AP Lang, AP Mandarin, and APES. Out of the four, AP Lang (Advanced Placement Language Composition) is my favorite s0 many many reasons, but above all the main one is because it feels closer to a club meeting(in a good way) than a AP class; it emphasizes methods to cultivate personal growth over academic excellence.

Right now I’m hopefully, preparing to take the AP tests in April and May, give a Tedx Talk about the benefits to anxiety, and travel to China during Spring Break.

i2 Projects

Eco Hat

The Eco Hat provides a ecologically sustainable solution to the problem of offering weather-resistant features to help protect against multiple environmental conditions.

Project details