Project Update #1

We have recently switched our project from a compassion project back to the homelessness topic that we did last year. While our goal is the same, which is to better educate members of our SHC community on homelessness and the many misconceptions, we plan to achieve this goal through an interview-type series.

We have recently gotten in touch with St. Anthony’s asking them if we could possibly ask to interview people who utilize their lunch services. We will have a list of questions prepared, and we will ask the people that we interview to tell their life stories along with whatever information they would like to share regarding their situation as a person experiencing homelessness in SF. While we await a response from St. Anthony’s, we will develop our list of interview questions and organize dates for members of our group to interview those experiencing homelessness.

The members of our group are me (Jack Kennedy), Sebastian Gonzalez-Moore, Aki Tobin, and Sanders Tillit.