Jack Freeman


Hey there! I’m Jack Freeman. 


I’m in 9th grade. I’m in tea club, coding club, robotics club, and game club. I play baseball and volleyball, and I like to go to the library after school to study with my friends. Outside of school, I play ice hockey. I like ice hockey because it is a really unique sport that not many people know how to play. I’m on the 16U A team for the San Francisco Sabercats.

I find physics and math the most interesting subjects. While I was heartbroken that I didn’t get into AAT this year to be able to take AP calc BC in 12th grade in order to be an engineer, I’m still fascinated by physics and how physics makes the world tick. One of my favorite activities is playing video games. I only play on weekends, but I enjoy unwinding and playing video games on Sunday afternoons with three  hours of homework due the next day. As they say, “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow!”.

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