Jackson Edwards


Welcome to my i2 page, I’m Jackson, a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

For academics, I enjoy my STEM classes the most, especially math and chemistry. AP Chemistry has been my favorite and most exciting class at SHC so far. I enjoy complex problem-solving that involves both math and chemistry concepts. I was one of four students in the school to participate in the Chemistry Olympiad. I have also enjoyed all my math classes, including AP Calculus. Overall, I like to solve problems whether that be in math or science. To further this interest and passion of mine, my i2 project this year combines machine learning, problem-solving, and sports, another interest of mine.

In the SHC community, I am a captain on the varsity lacrosse team and am a part of Block Club, Irish for a Day, band, and was in debate for two years. Band and lacrosse take up a majority of my time, especially in the second half of the school year. Throughout the offseason, I participated in off-season workouts for lacrosse and am excited to finally be in-season and competing. For Band, after performing at half-time for the Bruce-Mahoney football game and the National Anthem at a Warriors game, we are now in concert season, consistently practicing to be concert-ready on April 29th. These are my two most time-consuming activities, but they challenge me in wildly different ways. In lacrosse, I have learned how to be responsible, and manage my time effectively while also being a leader and doing my best to help the team win. Band, which is something I started freshman year is something far outside of my comfort zone that requires a large amount of focus and commitment, while I learn how to be the best musician possible.

Outside of school, I enjoy being active and going on hikes with my family. I also love to ski and be a part of nature. Over the summer I coached middle school lacrosse players for Riptide Lacrosse. This helped me further my leadership skills while also giving me valuable career experience that will help me later on in life.

This year, my i2 project involves using machine learning to analyze the use and strategy of NFL special teams. While the focus is on sports, the focus is on building important skills such as critical thinking, coding, and problem-solving through the lens of football. To further this interest, I am enrolling in a data analysis class at UC Berkeley over the summer.




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