Jacob David


Hello! I’m Jacob. I am currently a junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. My family moved to America from Philippines before I was born, and I was raised in the Bay Area and went to St. Thomas More before going into SHC. I really enjoy creating things with my own hands, especially food–I think it’s very gratifying to give food to other people. I also enjoy looking at things that other people created too, whether it be pieces of art, cool robots, or food they’ve made themselves. I like learning about how they were made, and I love creating things by myself even more. I think that the experience of creating something you can be proud of is incredible, and I hope to spread love through my own creations in the future.


2021-22 i2 Project

Currently, I’m considering on working with Angelika to recreate the SHC campus in Minecraft! We plan on doing a very large recreation of the La Salle and De Paul buildings (and maybe even some other areas around them, like the practice field and the corner store) with very vivid detail. We felt that it would […] Read more


A box that sterilizes phones, laptops, and any electronics that can fit in it.

Project details