Shoota AI | My 2021-2022 Project


Last year, I designed an artificial intelligence system that could track and record the location of players on a soccer pitch. My goal was to help soccer players improve their gameplay with relevant and useful statistics that are not available to the majority of athletes.

My idea formed as a result of personal experience. Like many others, my club team had access to game film. Despite its immense usefulness, I often found myself wishing that I could quantify my performance with real statistics. My teammates agreed with this sentiment. In the 2021-2022 school year, Shoota AI was born.

This year, I will elevate my project to new heights! In addition to location-based statistics, I plan to add ball-based statistics such as passing, shooting, and turnovers. So far the hardest part of this project has been consistently tracking the ball, but I am confident that I can solve this problem with more data and more time spent training the model.

Once my artificial intelligence is complete, I will use it to help my club and school team before expanding to different soccer clubs. I look forward to learning about machine learning, following my passions of soccer and computer science, and creating a positive change in the local soccer community. I hope to see you at the i2 showcase so I can show you what I am capable of!


Jaden Yoon