My 2023-2024 Project

For my 2023-2024 i2 project, I have decided to do a research project about teen sports injuries. Being a big sports player myself, I see a lot of injuries happen to me and others I play with. I have started to wonder if they are just coincidental or if they have anything to do with the overuse of muscles, especially only exercising one muscle group.

For SHC athletics, most teams practice or have games 5 days every week. When playing every day of the week, there isn’t really time to do other exercises and work out other muscle groups. This causes overuse in one muscle group and not using the other groups as often. Overuse can cause pulls, tears, strains, and much more. Additionally, when being forced to use or land on a muscle group not as often used, there can also be injuries caused. It is important to stretch and warm up all parts of your body before doing any sort of exercise because anything could happen.

For my project, I want to look into how playing different sports at once affects injuries. I also want to look at how overuse causes injuries. I will talk to many of my athlete friends as well as coaches, our athletic trainers, and others to find out as much as I can about sports injuries in teenagers.