Kaia Land


Hi, my name is Kaia Land. I am currently a Sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral in the i2 program. I’m also involved in Book Society. 

Outside of school, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and participating in sports. I played basketball for almost 5 years, and after quitting I joined crew, which I’ve been doing now for almost 2 years. We practice 6 days a week, often in the mornings before school starts. Doing crew has helped me to be more disciplined when it comes to academics and daily life, and has also forced me to work harder than I ever have in my life.

For my i2 Project last year, I focused on researching the causes and tools to combat procrastination, which I often struggle with. I published my data and findings in a website that I shared with other students.

 I have really enjoyed my time at SHC and the i2 program. During the next 3 years, I hope to join new clubs, meet new people and take interesting classes.

i2 Projects

Ending Procrastination

My first project is centered on improving study skills at SHC

Project details