Kat Leong


Hello, all! Thanks for stumbling onto this little page—I’m Kat Leong, a junior at SHC.

At school, I am fascinated by all things STEM-related, especially subjects involving a lot of math and general problem-solving. I’ve been told by many that I’m quite verbose—I love expressing my (often strong) opinions through essays, arguments, and deep discussions. Japanese and AP Lang are the best outlets for my thoughts, as I feel like I’m able to put my words in ways I’m truly satisfied with.

I’m the co-leader of SHC’s GAME Club, which is dedicated to all things board game and video-game related. I’m also involved in clubs like Guitar Club (performed for them this year at the fair!), Robotics Club, and Art in Action. I play the bass guitar for both Concert Band and Jazz Band at SHC—some may say this is a bit much considering the classes I take are quite demanding, but I love every bit of it.

Outside of school, I love pursuing music in any form, whether it’s record collecting or composing my own tunes. I’m an avid fan of modern post-punk; my favorite bands at the moment are black midi, BCNR, and Squid. I also like to noodle on various instruments. Besides bass, I play classical guitar, the piano, and the ukulele. I also have other hobbies, like drawing, bracelet making, crocheting, and knitting, but music is my absolute favorite.

My i2 project this year is a team study on how music affects memory, particularly in dementia patients.

i2 Projects