Kat Leong


Hello, all! Thanks for stumbling onto this little page—I’m Kat Leong, a junior at SHC.

At school, I am fascinated by all things STEM-related, especially subjects involving a lot of math and general problem-solving. Besides that, I also have a knack for anything involving music and the arts. That being said, my favorite classes are Jazz Band and AP Calculus AB, as I love the freedom both playing the bass and solving difficult equations provide. Music and mathematics can be interpreted so freely and loosely!

I participate in many activities both inside and outside of school. As well as being a bassist for the school’s concert and jazz bands, I play bass for a rock band with some of my friends. I’m also an avid vinyl record collector. You may see me leading GAME Club with Gabe Delgado, jamming in Guitar Club, writing articles for The Emerald, or cringing at my own suggestions in Music Listening Club.

My i2 project this year is a team study on how music affects short-term memory. By using a simple card game, we’re aiming to see if music improves people’s performance and recollection.

i2 Projects

Specialized Auditory Learning

This year, I joined Matt Liang, Courtney Mar-Lew, and Angel Gumboc to conduct a study on music's effect on short-term memory.

Project details