Katia Martinez


Hi! I was born and raised in San Francisco and went to De Marillac Academy before SHC.

I enjoy going on walks, drawing, and watching movies! I have 2 siblings, an older sister, and a younger brother. My older graduated from SHC in 2017. We all enjoy learning about science and history. Personally, astronomy is my favorite subject to study. I hope to major in astronomy or aerospace engineering in college. After that, I’d like to work for NASA or AURA. Fun fact, I can speak both English and Spanish fluently.

I was Valedictorian of my 8th-grade class and received a Literature Achievement Award. I also got to read my poem on the radio once! Apart from that, I am a really good cook! Thank you for taking the time to check out my first i2 project. I appreciate it!

i2 Projects

KEA Planter

This is a innovative self watering planter for those are just beginning to garden. It's self-irrigating abilities allow for easy gardening and one must not worry to water the plants each day. The planter will take care of your duties for you! This is also helpful for schools, when faculty or students cannot always be there to water plants. Thank you for taking the time to check out our project page! Thanks

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