Katie Worster


Hi, my name is Katie Worster. I am currently a freshman at Sacred Heart Cathedral. As well as being in the i2 program, I am involved in Debate, Tech Crew, Earth Action, and Robotics, because I am really interested in science and technology as well as how it connects to our world. Outside of school, some of my hobbies are reading, drawing, and biking. 


I have always been interested in science, but clubs in my middle school, Lawton Alternative School, definitely helped to fuel my passion. Starting in fifth grade, I was in the robotics club at school, where we built and coded robots to perform certain tasks depending on the theme of the year. For example, when the theme was space exploration, some people had to build a robot that could hit a lever with enough force to launch the astronaut sitting on it. I was in robotics from fifth grade to eighth grade, although sadly we had to stop for a year because of the pandemic. During my eighth grade year, we completed more missions than any other group! I am so grateful to my fifth grade teacher for starting this club. I really enjoyed robotics because I love building and tinkering with things, and coding the robots gave me good insight into how robots and other machines work.

Another club I did at Lawton was Science Olympiad, which is a club where students can compete in a lot of different types of competitions of science and engineering. The competitions ranged from building catapults to having a good knowledge of astronomy, and they had pretty much every topic you could imagine. Some of my favorites were Codebusters (breaking different types of ciphers), Anatomy & Physiology, and Storm the Castle (catapults). Science Olympiad was only available my eighth grade year, but both times I competed, I was voted as group leader, and my team and I managed to win both times! I’d like to thank my eighth grade science teacher for starting this awesome club, because it taught me a lot, and more importantly, I really loved it.

Right now, I haven’t completely started any of the clubs I joined, but I’m really looking forward to all of them, and even though I will probably have a club after school every day of the week, I think I will really enjoy all of them.

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