The Best Night’s Sleep Update

I am currently working on my project, The Best Night’s Sleep, and there have definitely been some ups and downs throughout this process. My project is an experiment determining which of the four methods that I found on the internet would give someone the best night’s sleep. My initial plans have actually been pretty successful for the most part, as I had spent quite a while brainstorming and planning everything out. 

However, my time management portion of the planning process fell short, as the materials that I needed took quite a while to arrive. While I did complete everything I could, like preparing the instructions for my participants and making the infographics, I couldn’t start my actual project until I got my materials. Right now, I do have the materials, and I have finished the first participant out of five.  

An issue that I have run into is that because every person has to sleep using the method I have provided, it must take them about two weeks to finish. I cannot do anything to speed up this process, therefore, my project probably will not end until around May. I will base my presentation at the i2 showcase around what I have then, so hopefully, it will turn out alright. 

Some people who have been really helpful so far are my participants, who have been understanding and contributing to my project in many ways. I really appreciate them taking time out of their busy days just to help me with this, and it has been very enjoyable working with them.