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The Best Night's Sleep

The Best Night’s Sleep

Having a restful night of sleep has become very difficult for numerous people, for various reasons, such as distractions from devices and insomnia. Unfortunately, even if they are able to sleep for a long time, their quality of sleep might not be very good, causing them to be irritable and tired in the morning.

My project is an experiment determining which of the four methods that I found on the internet would give someone the best night’s sleep, targeting the quality of the sleep rather than the quantity of it. I would be trying four different methods that are currently very popular, which are aromatherapy, addressing their stress through meditation, listening to calming songs, and drinking passionflower tea. I would use a Fitbit to track the people’s data by letting them wear it while sleeping, and compare the amount of time they spend in deeper sleep compared to their regular statistics, with no extra aid.  


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