The i2 Journey Begins

I am very excited to begin my journey as a member of the I2 program, and hopefully, I learn a lot about how to successfully serve my community in a helpful way. This group was not something I knew about until I received my acceptance letter, but I was very excited once I read about it online. Later on, I found out that my cousin, who also went to this school, was a member, and he said that it was a great experience that he gained numerous skills. 


So far, I have enjoyed being able to have World History class and Physics class with my other I2 classmates, as I get to know them a little better compared to if we were all in separate classes. I really enjoy having discussions with classmates who are invested in the same subjects as me and often feel inspired by their ideas. Also, this specific type of schedule is more familiar to me, since, in my old middle school, I used to take all my classes with all the same people. On the other hand, a concern that I have is about managing my I2 project on top of all of the homework and extracurriculars that I am involved with. Currently, I am making progress with my time managing skills, so when we start our work, I should be able to handle everything I have to do. 


Over my four years as an I2 student, I would like to have built an app or website for one of my projects, as it has been a goal of mine for a long time. Right now, I am looking into learning how to code right now, so I want to make something on the internet by the end of my high school career. In addition, another goal of mine is to make a project focused on medical topics, specifically neurobiology, that could somehow help people recover from their issues. I am interested in pursuing a career in those fields and would love to be more informed about it.