Levi Cervantez


You have found the I2 page of Levi Cervantez.  Congratulations! I am a current junior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory and have been part of the Inquiry and Innovation program since my freshman year. During this past school year, I have greatly enjoyed my AP Language and Composition class where I have learned to look at every aspect of a rhetorical situation. In doing so, the often hidden messages of a seemingly conspicuous text are revealed showing the true intentions behind a writing. Although very interesting when applied to historical documents, what interests me most is the practical application of this skill in the real world, where everyone has an agenda, a goal, and knowing those goals can be an advantage. Other than classes, I spend a considerable amount of time at SHC through athletics, clubs, and academic explorations. In the fall, I will be starting my third season as a varsity football player, the most recent season resulting in a state championship. I also helped start the Money Management Academic Exploration this past year which looked to educate kids in financial literacy. I am part of multiple clubs, perhaps the most interesting being the Student Launch Initiative, an entrepreneurship-focused club that helps students start their own businesses. Outside of my school life, I keep busy with my rugby team which is currently ranked 11th in the nation. I am also a part of the My Brothers and Sisters Keeper youth council where we work with the city to combat racial inequalities in San Francisco. I lead the economic advancement subcommittee which attempts to close the economic gap for people of color. And finally, I am on the Youth Transportation Advisory Board, which gives the youth perspective to the SFMTA to make sure our needs are being met. This year, my project Future Investors has the goal of educating teens on the intricacies of the financial world. Without proper education on the subject from schools, many teens are thrust into the financial world unprepared, something we hope to change.

I2 projects

First Gen Investors

The First Gen Investors project is my attempt at exploring and learning about the infinite world of stocks and investing. Most teenagers are completely deprived of the chance to learn and experience the stock market, which is something I have noticed and want to change.

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Future Investors

As we approach adulthood, it becomes more and more important that we know how to manage our money. However, many teens agree that we feel very unprepared for financial situations we will face in the future. Our project seeks to solve this problem by educating teenagers with our website theteeninvestors.com. Our project aims not only to teach teens how to manage their money, but it also seeks to educate them on how to invest safely and successfully in the stock market. Our team is Ryan, who built the website, Hayden, who is informing teens on investing, and Levi, who is teaching teens on managing their finances.

Project details