William Cannon


Hi my name is Liam and I am in 9th grade. Here at SHC I am enjoying getting to learn new things, experience new things and meet new people. I am running for the SHC cross country team which I am enjoying very much because of the people of have met and being active and outside. I wasn’t planning on running cross country before school but with some encouragement and talking to friends who are also running decided to tryout and now I am very happy that I did. So far at school I really like having a block schedule compared to every class every day because not only do you have more time in the class but more time to complete assignments. Also I have met new people and became good friends with people from my classes. I plan to tryout for basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring because those are some of my favorite sports and the ones I have been playing the longest.

Outside of school I play basketball every Sunday competitively with my friends from my old AAU team. I am pretty busy with school and Cross country so I like being able to escape and hang out with friends doing something we all like. Some of my favorite subjects in school have been history, english and math. I enjoy history because it is much more interesting and engaging that what I learned at my old school. I feel more curious about what we are learning and the future. I like English because I am enjoying the book we are reading and overall I enjoy the class because of how it is chill while still being productive. Finally I am enjoying math because in AAT I am being challenged more than at my old school and consistently being presented with new and more advanced things.

Some of my interests/ hobbies are playing golf, playing sports, and hanging out with friends. Also I used to be big into collecting sports cards. I got into golf first because of by grandparents who are huge golfers and some of my friends who play golf. I like being able to play golf with my grandparents because I feel it is a special way to  by one and spend time with them. I enjoy playing sports like basketball and baseball because I love playing them and have made so many good friends through them. Lastly I enjoy hanging out with my friends outside of school because I like swing them and doing fun things like going to the beach, thrifting, the gym and more. During the pandemic some of the only ways me and my friends could hangout in person was going on bike rides or going to the beach, so I would do those things almost everyday for up to 5 hours, which really influenced me to try and connect with friends now in many different ways.



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