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How can we make SHC Admissions and Student Ambassadors’ jobs easier? Is there a way to encourage more student-to-student interaction? Could a website be the solution?

For this project, I am designing a website for SHC’s Student Ambassadors. As an ambassador, we are required to give each of our guests a business card with contact info on it. On top of that, I think it would be great to have a website where elementary schoolers can directly contact SHC ambassadors. Students could also request a specific ambassador. This is not my first time creating a website, but this project will definitely be a challenge in figuring out how to organize the site and implement these features. I got the idea when I was touring colleges and saw they had pages for their ambassadors to get to know them better and contact them.

I created this through google sites, and while it is a prototype, the published site is available HERE. I’ve talked with Ms. Lithgow in Admissions, and hopefully, this website will become a helpful tool for next year’s Irish for a Day season.

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