Logan Haber


My name is Logan Haber, and I’m in the class of 2027. Right now, I am applying to the sports medicine program, in choir, and on the football team. I spend most of my time playing basketball when I’m not doing homework. I’ve been playing for the same AAU team since I was in the fifth grade. I am a starter on the Bay City B team and plan on trying out for the freshman teams. Another thing I hope to take part in during my time as a freshman is the swim team, but I might not have time.

My favorite subjects are AAT and world history. I don’t know why I like math but numbers just work well. I did not say world history because I know Mr. Standley will read this. I love the class because it gives an interesting and useful understanding of how the world works and what patterns of the world continue into today’s times. By far, though, my favorite thing to do is play basketball. I spend most of my free time playing or watching basketball with my friends and family.

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