Lukas Seufert


As a Senior at SHC, this year I’m leading the Coursify LMS project, co-directing my school’s TEDxSHC event, and helping teach the SHC Coding Club. I’m super excited about Coursify, a project that’s been in development since November 2022. So far, we’ve already onboarded five classes across two teachers. Across 1,251 commits to GitHub (and counting (475ish were my own), we’ve built and continue to build an impressive platform. We’re continuing to work on new features and patching bugs alongside the teachers who have graciously decided to use Coursify alongside Schoology. I’m also helping teach the SHC Coding Club where I can hopefully pass down a bit of my knowledge to others at SHC.

Alongside the coding club and Coursify, I’m also co-directing TEDxSHC this year. Being the 10-year anniversary of SHC’s TEDx program, we’re celebrating by undergoing a slight rebrand, bringing back old speakers and members of the SHC community, and working to make this event feel like it did before the pandemic. Tickets coming soon!

These 4 years at SHC have been and continue to be meaningful to me. These experiences, along with programs like i2 and SLI (Student Launch Inititive), have been instrumental in shaping my journey and wouldn’t have been possible without the support of individuals like Mr. Standley, making my time at SHC truly meaningful.

i2 Projects

Coursify LMS

Coursify is a cutting-edge next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) designed to revolutionize how students and educators interact with online learning materials. With built-in schedules and room location features, Coursify streamlines the learning process by providing an intuitive and user-friendly platform for managing assignments, attendance, and grades.

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Bordle is an engaging game that challenges players to guess a 2-12 letter word using six chances. A daily and infinite mode determines whether you get infinite words or not. It's similar to and inspired by wordle.

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