Continuation of the Solar Rover in 2021-2022

Last year, 2020-2021, I began a project that aimed to create a solar rover. Over the year I began to understand the amount of skill and knowledge this project would take to complete to perfection. Last year, after shipping delays the rover couldn’t be started till later in the year. I then had the luxury of a crash course in time management as I rushed to reach the end of this project. Of course, I wasn’t able to complete the project in time with my lack of knowledge, and time constraints have led to the continuation of the project into my Sophomore year.

Plans for the project this year

  • Finish the code within the flight controller – over the summer I got the correct motors with the correct amount of torque. In order to get the rover to run as a base model.

As the meat and potatoes of the project this year I want to:

  • Add a camera that can be operated remotely to identify possible problems within crops. I also want to incorporate artificial intelligence within the camera to optimize its energy.
  • Arms that can be operated remotely to move and possibly take samples of plants.
  • A host of sensors, such as humidity and temperature in order to enhance the purpose of this project. To create the best possible crop yields and to better rotate crops into ideal areas.