2 Weeks Left…the i2 Showcase

There are about 2 weeks left until the i2 Showcase Celebration, and my project is almost finished. Even in the past few days, I am constantly making revisions due to time constraints, one big change I have made is to not include the Minecraft maze for the participants to find their way through. It was pretty much a waste of time, only a small part of my project that I’ve spend over 30 hours designing. Once I realized that my computer did not support the certain edition, I needed to revise my script and order of the puzzles. Currently, my To-Do list only consists of a few things: laser cutting my cipher wheel, setting up the 60 minute timer and cameras to monitor the players, and performing a few trial runs to make sure everything runs smoothly on April 9th. When I am finished, I will work on my last 2 infographics. If I have time, I am still going to try to analyze the behavior of my participants after the run throughs.

I am super nervous yet excited; throughout my project, I have run into multiple road blocks, but I have continued to persevere and do my best to complete this project on time. Every time I am sure I have something finished, 99% of the time, another problem arises. The number might not be completely accurate (definitely an exaggeration); however, this was how I felt every time I forgot something, no matter how small. Now that I have everything written out, I am near confident that I will have everything completed and excited to present my project at the showcase. I am also looking forward to seeing and learning about my classmates’ projects in the coming weeks.