Space-Z Phase 1.5: Considering the Interest of the Student Population (February 8, 2023)

In the beginning, we thought that a nap zone in DePaul would most likely be inefficient, since students were able to relax on the comfortable couches in the lobby and have no interest in our nap zones. However, we didn’t notice that the couches in DePaul are mainly used for studies, and by the end of our experiment, we were proven wrong. Continuing to advertise our nap zones on Schoology through the SHC Textbook Marketplace, we received over 100 likes on our post in the first 24 hours. Many students expressed interest in our nap zones, in both DePaul and in the Atrium, so our current plan would continue. 

We also wanted to consider other options, in case our current locations failed- one of these options being the area at the top of the stairs, just before you pass the chapel to enter the library. However, our request was denied, as the library is used for academic purposes only. We also considered the lower atrium; however, there is too much foot traffic, and students would not be able to get a sufficient amount of rest.