The i2 Journey Begins

In my application to Sacred Heart Cathedral, I expressed interest in becoming a member of the Inquiry and Innovation program and was excited to learn that I had been accepted. As a new member of i2, I was looking forward to meeting new people who had all come from different schools. Joining the i2 program gave me the opportunity to branch out and make new friends. From our first introduction at the Academy of Sciences to today, I feel honored to be a part of this program with my classmates and the welcoming community at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory.

From friends and other classmates, I’ve heard that the program encourages students’ curiosity about the world, and helps them to pursue their passions. I am looking forward to these projects, field trips, and more, to learn more about the world around me, so I might be able to create something that will benefit everyone. At my previous school, I was on student council for 2 years, one as the assistant president; the leadership opportunities in the i2 program motivate me to take charge to help strengthen the bonds of my community in any way I possibly can. I want to learn how to improve the world by immersing myself in the community around me, effectively communicating with those around me, and asking questions. I hope to be open-minded as I learn as much as I can about our societies, both past and present, so I can have an idea of what might help us in the future. At SHC, I hope that my ideas will take me far in life to be able to help those around me.

In today’s society, there are not many women in the engineering and (computer) sciences developmental areas, and I am one determined to change that. From everything I will be able to accomplish throughout SHC’s i2 program, I want to take it to the next step and inspire other girls and women to do the same. My knowledge and experience that I will gain throughout the program will help me succeed throughout college and beyond. I am always challenging myself to look at things from a different perspective, so that I might be able to solve a difficult problem, or find a solution to a task. The i2 program would give me the opportunity to learn about our connections to each other and the world around us (throughout the past and present for the future), challenging me at a more advanced level, while inspiring others throughout my life.