Margaret Orr


Hi, my name Maggie Orr and I am in ninth grade. I love running on the cross country team and want to learn how to crochet in the knitting and crochet club. I enjoy reading historical fiction in order to really connect to the past and painting secret images all over my house. I have always had a passion for nature, which led me to science. I think the subject I love learning about the most is history because it is fascinating to immerse myself in the lives of people from thousands of years ago. I love going to my Grandma’s and looking through her treasures. Because I show interest I am able to connect with her and learn more about things from all over the world.

i2 Projects


EcoEthics is a website that focuses on holding companies accountable for greenwashing. It does this by creating a database for articles posted about greenwashing in specific companies and providing a short summery of the article.

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