Marina Lui


Hi, my name is Marina Lui. I am a junior at SHC and I am so excited to be back in person for school! One of the main things I love to do at Sacred Heart Cathedral is to get involved with the community. Currently, I am the president of Mandarin Club, secretary of Latinx Unidos Club, and co-president of the Coding Club. Likewise, I am also an active member of the Robotics Club, CSF (California Scholarship Federation), Rose Club, and our swim team. All of which have been a great way to continue to explore my many passions.

Since before I could tie my own shoelaces, I’ve always been learning Mandarin. Throughout lower school and middle school, I attended Chinese American International School (CAIS) where I learned fluent Mandarin. Since coming to SHC I have also taken Mandarin 7,8 and AP Mandarin. Now, I take great pride in being president of the Mandarin Club and having the honor to lead our 中秋节 (Moon Festival) celebration, learn Chinese calligraphy, Chinese chess, and more.

Similarly, I am very passionate about coding. I first got introduced to coding all the way back in 4th grade, seven years ago, participating in an Hour of Code at my school where I chose commands to get a robot to complete courses. I remember being extremely fascinated and running home to tell my parents all about it! Since then, I’ve always searched for more opportunities to explore computer science. In middle school, I participated in Girls Who Code. In high school, I have taken AP Computer Science Principles and I am currently taking AP Computer Science A, where I have learned both javascript and java in class. Additionally, I am co-president of Coding Club where we focus on using HTML and CSS. Right now we’re working on making a “create your own country” website. Similarly, I am also an active member of the Robotics Club, specifically the machine learning section which consequently is actually where I focus the most time on my i2 project, Lantern-AI. Please go check out my project with Alivia Zhao at the link down below!

Outside of school, I enjoy walking my dog (Prince), reading, completing puzzles, hanging out with my friends, and making art. Click here to see some of my favorite art pieces! I always love trying new techniques and different materials.

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