Junior Year Project Blog

My group and I have decided to move on from last year’s project. We ran into obstacles we were not able to work through, so we thought it would be best to move onto new ideas and projects. For our junior year project, we are thinking of taking on a project that relates to baseball, a topic we are all interested in. However, as of right now, we are not sure what type of project under the baseball umbrella we want to take on.

Some ideas that we have floated around are looking into the composition of a baseball bat to see if there are possible areas of improvement. Another project we thought would be really interesting to look into is the idea of an automated strike zone, such as through using lasers. However, this would be a very in-depth, complicated project and we are not sure if we have the available resources necessary to make such a project possible. We are still in the decision-making process, but we hope to have a solid idea in the coming days.