My 2023-24 Project

The i2 Journey Begins (Nov 12):

  • My project idea: I intend to expand on my i2 Project from last year, which involved creating a website that teaches teens in financial literacy. I had come to realize, however, that some of the teachings I had given, like debt management, weren’t very essential for teens to understand. I’ll be concentrating this year on more fundamental concepts related to financial literacy, such as budgeting. Therefore, this year, for my i2 project, I might change my target audience from teenagers to elementary school students. I might make plans to visit my mother’s school, where I will use lessons I create to personally teach the principles of financial literacy.
  • The problem I am addressing: The problem I am addressing is the lack of knowledge around personal finance. Many people aren’t even aware of fundamental concepts of personal finance until they become an adult. I hope to address this issue, and assist these individuals in expanding their knowledge around personal finance to help them responsibly care for their money and achieve financial freedom.
  • How did I come up with this idea? I came up with the idea for my project a few months ago, when I decided to narrow my teaching on a single topic, fundamental around personal finance that everyone should understand – budgeting.
  • My current biggest challenge: I think the biggest challenge I currently have is is figuring out the logistics of getting permission for going to my mom’s school.