Matthew Liang


Hey there! Welcome to my I2 Page, my name is Matthew Liang, a junior at SHC.

In my academic pursuits, I am most interested to the STEM subjects; science, math and the social sciences (which I consider STEM). AP Psychology was one of the most captivating classes I have taken at SHC. It goes in depth on human functions, motivation, and behavior. The things I learned from the class has inspired this year’s project. This year, I am also attending classes at Stanford to possibly pursue STEM courses. I hope to get a deeper understanding of STEM subjects from this experience.

Outside of classes I’m involved in some co-curricular clubs. One of the ones I enjoy the most is being a staff writer at the Emerald, our student-ran newspaper. This is my first year as a staff writer and I hope to improve my writing from the articles I write. I also participate in the photography club and attend the machine learning club from time to time.

Aside from school, I enjoy lifting weights and collecting vinyl records. Ever since the pandemic started, I have been really interested in weight lifting; a hobby coming from my cousin. I’ve been lifting weights in my free time for roughly one and a half years, which has helped me lose a considerable amount of weight.

This year, I am working with a group of my classmates; Angel, Kat and Courtney to study the possible cognitive plasticity that music assisted learning can have on people.




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