Beginning of the I2 journey

I am really excited to be a part of this I2 program here at SHC and look forward to doing these projects for the next 4 years. Some goals I have for these next four years are. First every year I would like to really explore and dig deeper into a topic that I find interesting and create a something that gives me a hands on experience with that interest. Second I would like to use these projects to gain a new feel for doing longer and more detailed year long projects and get used to balancing schoolwork and a larger project. Finally I would like to use this I2 experience to really get out of my comfort zone and try brand new things.

I also feel that there is a lot to look forward too during these next four years. So here are some of the things I am most excited for. First I am really excited to be able to dig deep and do a project that I am interested in and expand my understandings. Second I am really excited to build community and do things with my fellow classmates in I2. Finally overall I am looking forward to be able to try new things and expand my horizons by the end of this journey.