i2 project update #1

So its been a bit working on my i2 project and after a slow start I’m getting off the ground and into full swing for the project. I initially started off with the idea of a detection system that detect vehicles that share the road with a bike and so far that ideas hasn’t changed much. However I have summarized the idea to be a vehicle radar this being a little more general and easier to explain. Starting off I did a lot of research on sensors eventually deciding on a radar sensor for its accuracy and performance in urban conditions. After deciding on that I went on a very long and painful journey narrowing it down further to frequency modulated continuous wave radar(FMCW) and eventually after looking over man sensors I settled on the OPS241-b FMCW radar transceiver which both transmits and receives the radar waves. I’ve also selected the microcontroller that will interpret the data from the transceiver to be the Arduino Uno. On top of that I also have started to learn c script to code the program I need to translate the raw data on to a screen for the user. However there have been a lot of challenges along the way and the biggest one of them all has been figuring out how to make a plan to work out all the things to make sure that this project works which is quite a broad task but there are so many unknowns with the project that I’m having a hard time covering all my bases and making sure everything works. Through this my dad has been a big help to me trying to figure this things out he’s helped to keep me on track and simplify things so I  don’t over complicate things. He’s also helped me to plan things out and given me advice when needed. However I ran into an issue with my original plan with the sensor and  microcontroller combo would be compatible however there were too many different variables to account for so I had to scrap this setting me to where I am now with my selections. Overall though the project is going pretty well and I think I should be able to finish soon.