My 2021-22 Project: Molecular Geometry Simulation


I am currently deciding what I will do for my project. This year, unlike past years where I was struggling to come up with ideas, I have many different ideas over a broad range of subjects. Some of my ideas this year include freezing certain substances (like CO2) out of the air, developing a program to graphically represent complex molecular geometries, studying a rendition of the traveling salesman problem, and more. Because I am enjoying my AP Chemistry class so much this year, I hope to settle on an interesting project involving Chemistry. I am and will continue researching more about these topics to decide what will work best for my project topic this year.



It has been a while since my last blog post. Since then, I decided on a project: to develop a program to graphically represent molecular geometries. I have been working on the code for this project for a couple of months now and it is coming along nicely. The user can select atoms to add in and bond to other atoms with single, double, or triple bonds. So far, the program can support 2 central atoms (atoms that the user can bond off of) and up to 4 total atoms. Each additional atom I add support for requires more code than the last because of the more possible combinations that exist. The project has also taken a lot more math than I anticipated (deriving equations to calculate atom positioning accurately). I hope to get the code up on a live website soon, begin work on my infographics, and continue fine-tuning my code.